Best Colors for Your Metal Roofing?

metal roof colors

White, Green, Brown, Red or Blue Metal Roofs

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to colors. Color is a basic attribute of fashion and make-up, cars, furniture, home design and, of course, metal roofing.

I already wrote in my previous post about the importance of selecting the right color for your metal roofing. It will not only enhance the aesthetic aspect of your home, but will also help you reduce the cooling/heating expenses.

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Basic Metal Roof Colors

Now let’s examine the basic color options available on the metal roofing market.

White metal roofing. You’d be surprised to learn how many people are opting nowadays for a white metal roof. Why is this happening? First of all, because white is the most energy saving color. Combined with a high quality resin finish and applied on good aluminum roofing, the white paint successfully reflects the heat from your roof and your house. These kinds of metal roofs are Energy Star rated – they will keep your house much cooler during summer. If you’re living in a warm environment, a white metal roof will considerably lower your energy expenses, especially if you’re using air conditioning. Even if you’re not an air conditioning adept, white metal roofing will still make your home much more comfortable in summer. There are a few color alternatives for white metal roofing: arctic or polar white and regal white.

Green metal roofing. Green is the main color of nature, the color of trees, grass and plants. Many people say that green has a beneficial effect on our eyes, offering them a well-deserved rest after a hard day at work on the busy and noisy streets of the modern city. A green metal roofing will look stunning if your home is surrounded by trees and gardens, merging with the general image. Don’t forget that green metal roofs come in many shades: light green or dark green, ivy green, marine green, deep green, colony green or evergreen. Choose the one that suits you best, and keep in mind that lighter shades reflect better the heat of the sunrays! Many homes in St Augustine choose colors like green and red according to Elite Remodeling Services.

Brown Metal Roofing. Brown is a color of nature as well, representing wood, earth and comfort. A brown metal roofing looks extremely aristocratic. This color can be combined with many other warm colors – beige, ivory, white, grey or burgundy. A brown roof will look good no matter where you live – on a “desert” or a “lavish jungle” type of terrain.

Red Metal Roofing. Red is the warmest color, representing vitality, passion, beauty, but also temper or anger. In any case, red is a color for courageous people who’re not afraid of making a dominant statement.  A red metal roofing goes well with a white, beige, brown or even gray painted house. It’s a good color for a city building, but it also looks good in rural areas. Popular shades include crimson red, rustic red, terracotta red or banner red.

Blue Metal Roofing. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, the bringer of freshness and calmness. A blue metal roofing will create the impression that a piece of the sky has fallen on the sparkling roof of your house. Of course, it’s harder to combine blue shades with your house’s exterior design and the terrain particularities. If you have a beach house or a cabin by the lake, you can simply use a light blue for your roofing. A blue roof goes well with a white painted house or with other shades of blue. Deep blue, Hawaiian blue, gallery blue or royal blue are the most common options.

Besides the classical palette of metal roofing colors, there are also other beautiful shades that you might want to consider. Beige and ivory are warm, neutral colors that look good everywhere. Burgundy is the color of old good wine, creating an interesting original effect when used as a roofing color. Black and grey are color options as well, being used mostly for buildings with practical purposes.