Tips For Roof Repair And Estimating Costs

roof repair costs

One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners or building owners is postponing the roof repair. Avoiding timely mending works can lead to more expensive repairs and difficulties for the people using the building or home. Having some basic information about the different types of roofs and the effect of weather on the roof materials will help in making the roof repairing easier and safer. Roof maintenance and preventing leaks are important for the long life of the roof and for controlling your power bills. A damaged roof can cause excessive power use as cooling or heating will not be very effective.

Roofing materials

  • You need to consider the roof repairs depending on the type of roof installed on your building.
  • Wooden and asphalt shingles have different properties and have to be handled in a different way during repair.
  • Repairing damaged wooden shingles and replacing them may require higher expenses than repairing asphalt shingles.
  • Metal roofing is preferred by commercial buildings as they are long lasting and require less maintenance and repair as they can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Tile roofing can last may years and are less expensive than metal or wooden roof.
  • Composite roofing is making a strong case as to why we should stop using traditional natural roofing solutions such as slate or cedar shake. Synthetic roof tile lasts longer and is made of recycled plastics making it lightweight. No need for additional costly roof supports. If you live in an area where it is illegal to install a shake roof, Brava Roof Tile can be a great alternative roofing solution.

Consider safety hazards

The roof repair work is dangerous as the wooden and asphalt shingles are slippery when they are wet and with sloped roof the chances of fall increases. It is necessary for the workers to use the needed safety harnesses before attempting repair work. So it is better to opt for contractors who will have all the necessary equipments and safety harnesses to secure their roof repair workers.

The extent of damages

Apart from the type of roofing material used and the safety harnesses needed, the extent of damages also plays an important role in deciding the expenses needed for repairing the roof. Any minor leak restricted to smaller area can be done with fewer expenses. If the water seepage or leaking is more your building structure will get affected and this will lead to high expenses. If there are many roofing fixtures installed on the roof like chimneys, skylights, etc., then the roof repair cost may go higher. Read more to learn how much a new roof costs in 2017.

Consult roofing professionals

The cost of roof repair depends on many factors and the estimated cost of expenses for roof repair will vary depending on the roof height, ease of accessing the roof, type of roofing material that will be used, condition of the present roof, license expenses, labor charges, etc. You can consult the best roofing professionals in your area to get a quote for the works to be done on the roof. Based on the quote you receive, select two or three companies which use good quality materials for repair as well as offers moderate rates for the repair work. It is better not to opt for cheaper contractors for roof repair as the quality of the work or the quality of the materials used for the work may be compromised. Go through the reviews about these companies, and select the one with maximum good reviews.